We have decided to take another small step forward for our region, to enhance its value and to protect its diverse ecosystems.


We were formed in 2013 to launch a sports event, the Mugello Ultra Trail, to increase the appeal of our region of Mugello and of the Giogo-Casaglia Park in particular, covering an area of 6,250 hectares and designed to enhance biodiversity. The park is one of the best environments in terms of nature conservation and one of the most charming in the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines.

The landscape features hills and mountains of a moderate height, around 1,000 metres, carved out by the action of watercourses, forming canyons such as those of Valle dell’Inferno and Rovigo.

Vast beech woods, alternating with pastureland and areas of transition or artificial environments, such as reforestation of Douglas fir, silver fir or black pine.

The whole complex is interwoven with an extensive network of trails, the main framework of which consists of those forming part of the SOFT (Sorgenti di Firenze Trekking/Florence Spring Trekking) and GEA (Grande Escursione Appenninica/Grand Apennines Trek) systems. It also includes trails belonging to the RET (Rete Escursionistica Toscana/Tuscan Trekking Network) and themed trails.

For those who love nature and walking, there are many aspects of nature to enjoy, in both its flora and fauna. In terms of the latter, wolves, golden eagles and peregrine falcons can be found in the area.


The area of Giogo Casaglia boasts a high level of biodiversity, with a range of environments, each with its own history and purpose, allowing an amazing variety of wildlife and vegetation to thrive and reproduce. Up until a few decades ago, some valleys were densely inhabited, whilst today ruins, fields and woodland offer us a very different and constantly changing landscape.

The Unione Montana dei Comuni del Mugello (Association of Mugello Mountain Municipalities) is responsible for running the complex and takes measures to protect its biodiversity, as included in its Management Plan.


Mugello Outdoor has grown over the last seven years and wants to make a greater contribution to the environment, adopting a "Think globally, act locally" approach, and this has led to the creation of MUGELLO NATURE MATTERS, the fund for the development and conservation of the Giogo-Casaglia Park.


Photo: Stefano Jeantet

We can all play our part

We have established that 5% of the Mugello Ultra Trail registration fee will go towards the fund for conserving the park and for developing new projects within the area, thus enabling all participants in our event to contribute, in the hope that you will come to love our region as much as we do. You can also make an additional donation when you register.


We are not alone

We are aware that we are too small to leave a significant mark on our own and have therefore involved some local businesses operating in the area and these have responded with great enthusiasm.

The project involves all businesses currently operating within the complex, such as the Ischetus association, which runs some of the park’s shelters, the Badia di Moscheta restaurant and the APS (Association of Social Promotion) Il Giorno di Poi, which runs the Podere di Giuvigiana mountain cabin.


The projects

We are currently working on various projects, but as we have no budget to allocate yet, we will make sure that we update our website to keep you informed of exactly how much capital we raise and how it will be spent. All projects will be aimed at improving the park for the benefit of all species that inhabit it. This work will in any event always be carried out as agreed and in collaboration with the Unione Montana dei Comuni del Mugello, the body responsible for managing the complex.


Beauty as a focal point: planning with nature

It is a natural human instinct to seek expressions of beauty, as it is through beauty that we manage to compensate for emotional suffering and strike a healthy balance. 

Nature is a primary source of beauty: we draw energy and wellbeing from its forms, its colours and its aromas. This is what drives us and all those seeking beauty to develop these conservation projects: we are convinced that by protecting the natural landscape we can set a virtuous circle in motion to generate new beauty, as well as new environmental awareness and new wellbeing.


How to contribute

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