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Rules MT


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Rules and Regulations 2022

MUGELLO OUTDOOR a.s.d. and the Unione Montana dei Comuni del Mugello in collaboration with the Cooperativa Ischetus and AgriAmbiente Mugello are organizing the Ultra Trail of Mugello. This event will actually be composed of two races which are:

The Ultra Trail of the Mugello


A running race on nature trails of the Apennines, the race departs at 9.00 am from the Badia di Mostcheta, Firenzuola (FI) and returns to the same starting point (Badia di Moscheta) by 16.00. The race will utilize the Apennine trails of the Giogo-Casaglia district. Almost the entire race will be run on trails, following the Apennine ridgeline (roughly 75% single track – 24% fire roads/jeep trails – 1% paved roads).  The Mugello trail is a trail running race of roughly 23,5 km with roughly 1280 meters of altitude gain (GPS Survey – calculated with p.mapper 3.2). 


In order to participate it’s required:

-that participants be at least 16 years old at the time of registration (for minors the authorization of the person exercising parental authority is necessary for the athlete) and that they are in possession of a valid medical certificate for competitive sports with a high cardiovascular commitment (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6).
-that participants are fully aware of the length, and the technical difficulties this type of challenge poses, and to be in good enough physical condition to face such challenges
-for participants, prior to the race, to have already acquired a level of personal autonomy which would permit them to manage problems created by this type of challenge, in particular: 

*Knowledge to face variable and sometimes difficult climatic conditions as they arise (extreme wind, cold, rain and snow).
*Knowledge to manage physical and/or mental problems resultant from fatigue, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, small injuries, etc.
*To be fully conscience of the fact that it’s not the role of the event organizers to help runners manage these problems.
*To be fully conscience that for this type of activity in nature, the wellbeing of the participants depends above all else on the runners themselves, and their ability to adapt to problems both seen or unforeseen (to be self-sufficient).



Although during the race there will be 4 refueling/refreshment points, semi self-sufficiency is the guiding principle, and number one rule of this race. In particular:
    *every runner must carry with them, throughout the race, all mandatory supplies (see attached Equipment List).
    *refueling/refreshment points will be stocked with drinks and food to be consumed at that moment. Only water will be provided to fill water bottles or camel backs.
*every runner needs to manage, at every refueling point, the quantity of water and nutrients needed to arrive to the following refueling point.
*it’s forbidden to have anyone not registered to participate in the race accompany registered participants for any or all of the race.


Mugello Trail adheres to the “Leave No Trace” Campaign, it’s severely forbidden to leave any type of material along the race (trash, clothing, supplies etc). Failure to adhere to this rule would subject participants to immediate disqualification. At each refueling/refreshment point, appropriate receptacles will be provided for any trash disposal. 

There will be no plastic cups available at any of the refreshment points.


Registration can be completed online by filling out the relevant form, respecting all of the aforementioned conditions and by paying the fee.  A valid at race date competitive sport medical certificate is mandatory to confirm the registration. An original copy must be sent via email at the time of the registration, or no later than April 08th, 2022. If the medical certificate is not provided, the registration will be annulled without refunding the registration fee. 


Participation in the Mugello Trail requires unconditional acceptance of these regulations. Any participants caught throwing trash during the race (outside of the provided receptacles) will be disqualified. It’s mandatory to follow all signage on the racecourse, without taking any shortcuts. Beyond simply being unsportsmanlike, it’s unacceptable to damage or alter in any way the flora or fauna of the environment.


There will be a maximum of 400 athletes. Any increase or decrease of this number is at the sole discretion of the race organizers.


Registration is to be completed as follows:
• Compilation of the online registration form at Wedosport ((
• Submission of the Competitive Sport Medical certificate
• Competitors can consult the website ( to see the status of their registration.




Mugello Trail 40 Euro-  € 35 for FISKY members

All of the services described in these regulations are included with the registration.

If any athlete demonstrates, by presenting a special medical certificate by April 08, 2022, to be unable to participate in the rate due to physical impediments, the race organizers will refund the entire sum of the registration fee paid.  If the medical certificate is presented after April 8th, but before April 14th, 40% refund will be given.


Consult the attached list.


Each bib and number is assigned individually to each racer after they present a valid photo ID. Bibs will be given out saturday April 23 from 18.00 until 21.00 and on April 24, from 06.00 until 08.15. 

The racer’s bib must be visible during the entire race. Sponsor names and logos must not be modified or hidden.


Throughout the racecourse various first aid and medical personnel will be located near refueling/refreshment points, and at the most dangerous sections of the race route.  These locations will all be connected via radio or telephone with race coordinators. Civil Protection services, Alpine Rescue and Medical Assistance will be present at the race. First aid, rescue, and medical personnel will assist all individuals in danger, utilizing the organization’s or conventional vehicles. Every racer who finds himself in need, can appeal for help by:

• presenting themselves at any first aid point

• calling the race coordinator directly

• asking fellow racers to call for help

Every racer must offer minimum assistance to anyone in need during the race; however they are not to move individuals with suspected fractures. Don’t forget:

• Depending on the conditions of the race route, and the point you’re located, it might take significant time for medical assistance o arrive. Your safety is also dependent upon what you bring in your backpack.
• All first aid/medical locations will be identified in the “Road-book.”  Any action taken by medical and rescue personnel outside these locations requires the medical and rescue personnel to leave said locations. This will create a sense of mobility during certain interventions. Requesting medical and rescue assistance must only be done in the event of real emergencies. On the contrary, in situations where racers can reach these first responder points on their own accord, it’s necessary that they do so.

• Any runner seeking rescue assistance or medical treatment must submit themselves to the authority of the rescue workers/medical officials, and accept their decisions.

Rescue workers and medical personnel are authorized to end the race for any runner who is deemed unfit to finish the race (by deactivating their race bib and number). They can also evacuate any runner in peril using any suitable methods and vehicles they deem necessary. In the interested of runners at risk, alpine rescue might be utilized. Alpine Rescue will utilize all methods and vehicles necessary to extract racers in danger, including a helicopter airlift. In situations where exceptional methods of extraction are required, the participant requiring assistance will be liable for the cost of the extraction. It’s the racer’s responsibility to acquire any personal insurance for such situations, and seek reimbursement from said insurer. If it is impossible to contact the race coordinator, runners can call the emergency telephone number in Italy 118 (especially if you're in the area without phone coverage).


There will be 4 refueling/refreshment points along the race route (each type of refueling point will be identified in the Road-book). There are:

• mandatory equipment checkpoint before the race starts (for everyone)

In addition checkpoint controls, it is important to emphasize that the organization is AUTHORIZED TO STOP those competitors the race organizers deem unfit to continue the race

The maximum time allowed to complete the entire racecourse is set at 10 hours.


The registration fee includes a Pasta Party on Sunday as well as showers and changing rooms . Any additional services not included in the registration fee (such as the Pasta Party on Saturday evening) will be forwarded to the email address provided at registration.


Except in cases of serious injury, a competitor must exit the competition only at the designated points. The race manual will list all designated points to quit and exit the race. At the time of leaving the race, competitors must immediately hand in their race bib to the race organizer.  Upon request, the organization will provide transportation to bring the exiting competitors to the Badia di Moscheta. Depending on the point in which one exits the race, transport times can be very long. Having exited the race and retired their race bib, runners who have quit the race are no longer under the control of the organization. Failure to notify a withdrawal from the race can initiate search and rescue, and the resultant expenses will be charged to the competitor who failed to notify the organization of their departure.


Race officials throughout the race course and located at refueling points and checkpoints are authorized to enforce all race regulations.


All liability claims must be in writing, and given to the race coordinators with a deposit of € 100.00 within one hour of the arrival of the competitor filing the claim. This deposit will not be returned if the claim is not accepted.


The Jury consists of: the chairman of the organizing company, the race director, and all those people chosen for supporting roles by the chairman and race director. The jury is enabled to resolve all claims made during the race in a time compatible with race obligations. It’s not possible to appeal decisions made by the Jury.

Control of the mandatory equipment is carried out with the race number without which there can be issued the same order to participate in the race.


The organization reserves the right to modify at any time and without advanced notice the route of the racecourse and/or refueling/refreshment point and/or first aid locations. In case of unfavorable weather conditions (large amounts of rain or snow, or risk of extreme storms...), the start may be delayed for up to two hours or the race can be canceled. 

In times of extreme weather conditions, and/or for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to suspend, discontinue or change the route of the race course or to modify the time limits. Every decision will be made by the jury of the race. 

In the event of interruption or cancellation of the race for atmospheric reasons, or for any other reason independent of the Organization, no refund will be due to the participants.


Liability: the organization maintains a liability insurance policy for the entire course of the race. Competitors will participate in the race solely on their own accord, and under such conditions waive any right to claims against the organizers in case of damage during or consequences arising after the race. Personal injury insurance is recommended for every competitor to cover any personal accidents or injuries and/or possible costs for search and rescue/medical evacuation efforts. Runners are free to choose their own insurance provider. 




Once Registration opens in January, a race manual and guide (the Road-book) can be downloaded from the website The Road-book will include practical information such as timetables, location of refueling points, and location of first aid/rescue personnel. 


Only runners who have completed the race will be listed in the final results. Any additional price information will be communicated via email. Otherwise, all racers will receive the same race packet.



The 2022 Scott® Ultra Trail at Mugello, in partnership with Anallergo SpA, will offer a cash prizes worth €1,000 in total for athletes who set new records on the two courses, for both men and women. The cash prizes on offer are:

Cash Prize - Men €500
Cash Prize - Women €500

The current records stand as follows:
Marco De Gasperi 1:51:40 - 2014
Denisa Dragomir 2:12:07 - 2019


23,5km Men

Open Men


1st place - Prizes from our sponsors

2nd place - Prizes from our sponsors

3rd place - Prizes from our sponsors

4th place - Prizes from our sponsors

5th place - Prizes from our sponsors


Youth Category (18-24)


1st place - Prizes from our sponsors

2nd place - Prizes from our sponsors

3rd place - Prizes from our sponsors




Senior Category (25-49)


1st place - Prizes from our sponsors

2nd place - Prizes from our sponsors

3rd place - Prizes from our sponsors



Masters Category (Over 50s)


1st place - Prizes from our sponsors

2nd place - Prizes from our sponsors

3rd place - Prizes from our sponsors




23,5km Women

Open Women


1st place - Prizes from our sponsors

2nd place - Prizes from our sponsors

3rd place - Prizes from our sponsors


Youth Category (18-24)


1st place - Prizes from our sponsors

2nd place - Prizes from our sponsors

3rd place - Prizes from our sponsors




Senior Category (25-49)


1st place - Prizes from our sponsors

2nd place - Prizes from our sponsors

3rd place - Prizes from our sponsors



Masters Category (Over 50s)


1st place - Prizes from our sponsors

2nd place - Prizes from our sponsors

3rd place - Prizes from our sponsors



Sponsored runners may exhibit sponsor logos solely on their personal clothing or their personal equipment. It is forbidden to display any other accessory advertising (flags, banners, flyers...) at any point during the race, including the finish line.


Participants waive any rights to the exclusive use of their image taken during the race, relinquishing any recourse against the organizer and its partners for using said image. Any communication about the event or use of related images will be in accordance with the event name, its registered trademarks, and within the boundaries of the formal agreement of the organization.

FISKY regulation

Mugello Outdoor ASD is registered with the Italian Sky Running Federation and its races are regularly included in the 2022 events calendar. For so much in addition to this regulation, all participants must read and accept the regulation issued by the Federation that you find at the bottom of this regulation to the page.


CODID 2019 protocol

Mugello Outdoor as a member of FISKY implements all the regulations put in place by this federation for the COVID 2019 protocols.

For information, please read the following page

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