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Important Information for the 2023 Edition

Here is some important information

Bib collection

Bibs can be collected on Saturday 29 from 16:30 in Badia di Moscheta for both the 24km and the 60km race.
On Sunday 30 morning from 4:45 to 5:30 for the 60km and from 6:30 to 8:00 only for the 24km race
You can view the complete event program at the following links:

23.5 Km Trail Mugello Schedule

60 Km Ultra Trail Mugello Schedule

The bib is delivered only upon presentation of the MANDATORY MATERIAL for the race.


Istructions for refund or postponement of your 2020 registration to the next year

Dear friends,

As we already informed you a few days ago, in relation to your registration for the 2020 edition, we will provide the following options:

1. Obtain a 70% partial reimbursement of registration costs. Donations to Mugello Nature Matters are excluded from the refund
2. Postpone the  registration for the next edition
3. Donate the full amount of registration to the Mugello Nature Matters project.
<Reimbursement procedure, registration freeze or donation>

You can go to, you just have to select the page "Le mie iscrizioni" and start the session with the same credentials used for registration.
Once inside, you can retrieve your registration by clicking on "Scott@ ultra trail mugello 2020", go to the STATO D'ISCRIZIONE and select your option:

Request a 70% reimbursement excluding donations
Donate the cost of my inscription to the Mugello Nature Matters project
Postpone the  registration for the next edition
You can check the status of your registration in the same personal page or in the main list of registered runners.

Additional services included in the package (pastaparty) will also be reimbursed according to the same percentage, or will be frozen and kept valid for the 2021 Edition, or will be donated to the Mugello Nature Matters project

We hope you are looking forward to running through your beloved mountains as soon as possible.

Mugello Ultra Trail Registration Team


Ultra Trail Mugello 2020 Cancelled

Dear friends, 

We waited until the very end, but due to the emergency situation we are in, and in compliance with the restrictions set by the government and health authorities, by accepting the purpose of their measures, it is objectively impossible to hold this 2020 edition of the Ultra Trail del Mugello. We are therefore obliged to inform you that, much to our regret, it will be cancelled. 

The emergency situation has intensified over the last several weeks and we can do nothing more than adapt to what this serious health emergency demands.

Our attention is always aimed at all our volunteers, the athletes and businesses that support us. At this time, each one of us is being put to a sever test. Knowing that the upcoming months will not be easy for anyone, we are sure even so that we will all be stronger than before. For our part, we will make every effort to ensure that the 2021 edition is one full of joy and friendship, immersed in our marvelous wildlife. We promise you that we will get down to work immediately so that next year you will find our beloved Mugello in splendid shape, ready to take us back.

Although the rules and regulations do not stipulate any reimbursement for cancelations due to force majeure, which is the cause for cancelling this year’s edition, we have decided to offer three alternatives to all the athletes who are already registered and have made payment:
•    Postpone the dorsal, in other words, turn it into registration for the next edition.
•    Obtain a partial reimbursement, in a percentage we will tell you shortly.
•    Donate the full amount of registration to the Mugello Nature Matters project.

You will soon be receiving an email with all the information.


See you, 2 may 2021 

Piero Sisti e Giovanni Zorn 
Racer directors 
Ultra Trail Mugello


Suspend Registrations

Much to our regret, we are obliged to suspend registrations for the 2020 edition of the UTM while we await decisions from the pertinent authorities concerning the sporting events such as the UTM that were to take place in the upcoming months. Considering this difficult moment for Italy, we believe that this decision is both necessary as well as prudent.

For the same reason, we are still unable to state if the event will take place or not. However, we will notify you immediately of whatever the authorities decide in relation to this issue.

Meanwhile, we wish you all quiet days in your homes with your loved ones.

Comitato organizzativo Ultra Trail del Mugello


On December 1, registration opens

On December 1, registration opens for the VII edition of the Ultra Trail of the Mugello.

300 bibs available for the 60k
400 for the 24k

Next year racing in Mugello will be environmentally and sustainably.
Discover the MUGELLO NATURE MATTERS project.

To register





Special Prize for Course Records

The 2019 Scott® Ultra Trail at Mugello, in partnership with Anallergo SpA, will offer a cash prizes worth €3,000 in total for athletes who set new records on the two courses, for both men and women. The cash prizes on offer are:

Ultra Trail Mugello 60 km Special Prize
Cash Prize - Men €1,000
Cash Prize - Women €1,000
Ultra Trail Mugello 24 km Special Prize
Cash Prize - Men €500
Cash Prize - Women €500

See the page dedicated to the AWARDS



On December 1st, at 9 am, they open the registration for the fifth edition of the Ultra Trail Mugello.
300 race bib for 60km and 400 for 24km


Follow the race

Follow the race?


Registration closed


Registration for the 5th edition of the Scott® Ultra Trail at Mugello is closed

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