The Mugello Trail is a 22 km race with 1100 m of elevation gain. It spans the most rugged and wild northern part of the Giogo-Casaglia forest district, managed by the Unione Montana dai Comuni del Mugello. 
Start and finish will be at the ancient Baddia di Moscheta founded in 1034 by San Giovanni Gualberto. Giving the race a unique touch and special charm, the finish line has been placed just inside the abbey’s courtyard, through a stone arch.
Completely immersed in a natural environment, the route is almost exclusively on single-track, just barely touching mule-trails and forest roads. The only second on any sort of asphalt is the last 300meter stretch to the finish line.
The route ranges in altitude from it’s lowest point of 450 meters asl. to 1054 meters asl. However do not be fooled by the are modest distances and elevation gains. The route is challenging, an , in some places, great attention and technique are required.

It's a race you can define as a little gem. It’s natural beauty and emotions are concentrated, it’s simply a succession of technical trails , gorgeous views , streams , waterfalls, river crossings , majestic forests , ancient ruins colonized today only by vegetation.

To mention just a few of it’s marvels, one need only name Monte Acuto and it’s breathtaking views, or maybe the passage inside the waterfall dell’Abbraccio, or the centuries-old, monumental Chestnut trees of Pian dell'Aiara or the final stretch through the rugged canyon in the Valle dell’Inferno. It’s in the Valle dell’Inferno, where someone raising his eyes to heaven might be lucky enough to observe the gentle twirl of the Golden Eagle’s wings nesting in the valley’s rocky walls.
A race to run with your legs and with your emotions, with a single guarantee; you’ll never get something ordinary, nothing taken for granted, and no step the same as the previous. This is 100% trail! 

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